Crescent Socks (Pvt) Ltd. was launched in Jan 2014 as an offshoot of the Crescent Group. The decision to form this company was taken in lieu of the expanding hosiery market; after decades of experience in the textile business (spinning, weaving) it was fitting to establish a company that specialized in value-added textile products. The core philosophy we embody in our organization is a keen eye for quality control and an affinity for product development.



From very beginning we have focused on implementing the best manufacturing and business practices of leading hosiery manufacturers. This has allowed us to create a hybrid model with flexible manufacturing options and quick response times. Our purpose-built business model assists us in providing our clients with minimum lead times, from an inquiry to the final shipment.

P R O P E L L E D   BY  C R E S C E N T  G R O U P

The Crescent Group (CG) has been in the business for more than 6 decades, and constitutes of businesses as varied as textile and financial services. From the softness of cotton to the strength of steel, it’s presence is felt in almost all the industrial sectors in Pakistan. The diversity of CG is reflected through the various independent operating companies located in established industrial locations all over Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. The Crescent Group companies include market leaders in sectors including textiles, sugar, insurance and financial services. Today, CG has an annual revenue in excess of US $1 billion. The consistent growth of Crescent Group has resulted in numerous joint ventures and partnerships with fortune 500 and global 2000 firms and financial institutions. Influenced by the desire to create social impact, CSR is very big and in the DNA of all CG companies. CG partakes in various CSR and social impact activities, including but not limited to it’s affiliation and participation in the Crescent Educational Trust and the Crescent Foundation.


To manufacture quality products while being driven by innovative techniques, following the latest trends and providing an eco friendly environment to all stakeholders across the globe.


We want to strive to be the leading socks manufacturer in the world while ensuring safe working conditions and a sustainable environment.

O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y

At Crescent Socks, we believe our clientele is of utmost priority. Ensuring our customers of the highest quality standards, we stand proudly by our products and ingrain consistent quality control systems within our manufacturing cycle. Our ambition for quality is evident through the Total Quality Management (TQM) systems being followed at each level of production. Furthermore, we are staunch in recognizing the need to fulfill our social responsibility towards our local and global community, and actively advocate for social cause while maintaining the integrity of our produc

Plant & Facility

Machines with production capability per month

  • Lonati Knitting machines with a capacity of 100,000 dozen pairs per month
  • Conti Complett machines, Over lock machines with a capacity of 120,000 dozen pairs per month
  • Ngai Shing dyeing plant with a capacity of 110,000 dozens pair per month

Along with basic socks, we are also capable of producing technical socks with ECO Friendly yarns, socks with special treatments during

process and other socks as per current fashion trends. Some examples of the varying products that we can offer include:

  • Diabetic Socks
  • Cool-max Yarn Socks
  • Bamboo Yarn Socks
  • Anti Microbial, Ultra Fresh, Aegis, Purist A, Sanitized treatments
  • Work-wear Socks
  • Sports, Casual and Dress Socks
  • Football and Rugby Socks


At CresSocks we produce and export all kinds of sports and casual wear socks. Our current production capacity is 1.2 Million dozen pairs per year. We are constantly investing in both our machinery and infrastructure to increase our production capacity sustainably, and can produce all kinds of motifs, colored heels and toes in our crew, ankle and low cut range. At present our WRAP certified goods are being shipped to North America, South America and Europe to quality-conscious buyers.




MTO Program

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